Martin Svolgart


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The case of a sixteen-year-old boy found hung by the neck over the roof of his own car sparks a memory that Matt Byron has spent years working his way through. He even thought he’d managed.

Getting a new partner with that case—a partner hauling his own ghosts from the past into it—proves Matt wrong.

What initially looked like just another case of a child being harmed soon offers up aspects of the two men’s past. To solve the case, they need to solve their own unfinished business.

For a man as unapproachable as Matt Byron, who’s scared away more partners than anyone else, he needs to draw on all his resources to see it through.


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The Paths of A Bully and Victim Collide

“The book had much to offer in terms of the perspective of high-school struggles. The backdrop of the various characters will, sadly, resonate with many readers with rough pasts. It sheds light into the different perspectives of different types of people along with both the short and long term impacts on their lives.

Suffice to say that this was brilliantly written and has much to offer as food for thought. It is a mix of emotions, turbulent pasts, unfortunate relationships, revenge, unresolved feelings, tears and good-old policework. Not exactly my kind of theme but that has nothing to do with the quality, depth or brilliance of the work. 100% recommended.”