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In this section, you will find the books that I have read and reviewed for different authors. I only post the best and 5-star reviews as recommended books. Click on the links if you want to go to the retailers where they are available. I wish you a very happy reading experience! 

A Game Called Payback

Martin Svolgart

The Paths of A Bully and Victim Collide

“The book had much to offer in terms of the perspective of high-school struggles… It is a mix of emotions, turbulent pasts… 100% recommended.”


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The Dark Web Murders

Brian O’Hare

Inspector Sheehan is World-Class

“This is an amazing book! It was my first time reading an Inspector Sheehan mystery…  100% recommended.”


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The Gray and Guilty Sea: An Oregon Coast Mystery

Scott William Carter

Powerful writing, Excellent Characterization

Just my favourite kind of book! Garrison Gage is quite an interesting character. The story is very entertaining and suspenseful.

What I liked best was the author’s style of writing. It is very insightful into human nature and pain. It reminded me a little bit of Agatha Christie and Erle Stanley Gardner. The best writers can always portray emotions and situations beautifully. This appeal makes his writing powerful. I am very glad that I found this book and will be very interested in reading the other books in the Garrison Gage series.

I have read only one book from this author. But if it is anything to go by, I have a feeling that he is already one of my favourite authors.


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The House of Twelve (The Houses of Penance Book 1)

Sean Davies

Gripping, Chilling and Suspenseful

Not many books make me want to read them in one go. This is one of the select books that did. Excellent! I was up till 5 AM in the morning to complete it. An excellent read and 100% recommended for anyone who likes psychological thrillers.

The House of Twelve is a mysterious and terrifying place. You start to see true human nature and logical fallacies all in one as the twelve people navigate their limited time in the house. The author has captured and articulated all of this in a profound manner.

What I liked most about this story are the premise and construction. The author has succeeded in crafting an amazing experience for the reader. I could write much more but since this is a suspenseful psychological thriller, I do not want to divulge anything that could be a spoiler. I loved the book and hope I get to read more of these interesting stories from the author.


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