Sylvester quill

The Author


I write about mental & emotional wellness; more inclined towards depression and anxiety.


I doubt whether who I am means much to you. I wonder if that would make a difference in how you perceive my works. If you find them useful, does it really matter?


In a nutshell, I am just another guy living just another life. Just like you, I have been a lot of things in my past. And I’ll probably be a lot more things in the future. 


In this world, you can just call me Sylvester Quill.



I only intend to write books/articles relating to first-hand experiences that I’ve gone through and/or know very well. 


If you are interested to know more about psychological wellness, sign-up. It’s free and I’d love to have you on-board. 🙂


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Sylvester Quill

The Reviewer


As a reviewer, I help authors to get their books reviewed and readers to find good books in their preferred genres.


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